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    With over two decades local experience, The Tonya Zimmern Team has spent time partnering with some of Northwest Florida’s finest professionals, like the good folks at Surety Land Title. With well over 100 years of combined experience, the closing agents of Surety Land Title have thorough knowledge of all aspects of the closing process. Customers of Surety Land Title derive many benefits from choosing them as their title company, including the experience and expertise necessary to allow for a smooth, comfortable, and professional real estate closing.

    Look for the “Get a quote” button on the lower right corner of this webpage. After clicking on that, use their “Instant Quote” option to use the closing costs calculator. While you’re at it, I recommend signing up for their full access to their services, including unlimited loan estimate quotes, seller net sheets, and much more. If you’d like further instruction, please watch the video below.

    Visit for a list of locations and more information on their services and experience.