All About Gulf Breeze, Florida and its homes One of the world's top bayside & gulfside communities

    Gulf Breeze is a beautiful city which may never lose its small town charm. Surrounded mostly by water, Gulf Breeze is slightly north of Pensacola Beach, south of Pensacola with a neighbor to the east in Navarre. With these natural borders in place, as well as the protected lands across the Gulf Islands National Seashore’s Naval Like Oaks Reservation, there aren’t really expansion opportunities in Gulf Breeze. Which is probably for the best, as why mess with perfection?


    Strong community ties, pleasant weather and being a stone’s throw from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are what you can expect from life in Gulf Breeze. Beyond that, from Wal-Mart to Publix, the shopping options are plentiful, and the local restaurants delicious. As fitness is important in any beach town, getting high end organic foods isn’t a problem for those who are careful of what they put in their bodies.

    One of my favorite things about Gulf Breeze is how all the schools are lined up next to each other. That’s right, Gulf Breeze Elementary, Gulf Breeze Middle School and Gulf Breeze High School are all next door to each other, and makes for a charming visual which strikes pictures of classic Americana in my head. These schools are all excellently rated, and if you live deeper into Gulf Breeze, past the Gulf Islands National Seashore, the also highly rated Oriole Beach Elementary School and Woodlawn Beach Middle School will serve your children well.

    Gulf Breeze is sort of broken up into a few parts. “Proper” begins from the 3 Mile Bridge (which connects Gulf Breeze to Pensacola) and ends at the Gulf Islands National Seashore. East to that are a few neighborhoods before one would arrive at the Tiger Pointe area, which is followed by “Midway”, as it is midway between Gulf Breeze “proper” and Navarre. From that point and until Navarre, areas are often broken down by neighborhood, with places such as Woodlawn Beach or Oriole Beach serving as placemarks.

    As someone who has traveled across this great country as much as I have, I can definitively say that Gulf Breeze is one of the most charming, comfortable, and safe places I have ever been. Not to mention it has a zoo! If you’ve ever spent time here, you know what I am talking about, if you are a resident, you are one lucky person, and if you’ve never visited, maybe you just found the spot for your next family vacation.

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    Important Gulf Breeze Community Phone Numbers & Websites

    City of Gulf Breeze:
    1070 Shoreline Drive
    Gulf Breeze, Florida

    City of Gulf Breeze Community Services Dept:

    City of Gulf Breeze Animal Control:

    City of Gulf Breeze Volunteer Fire Dept:
    313 Fairpoint Drive
    Gulf Breeze, Florida

    Office: 850-934-5131

    City of Gulf Breeze Natural Gas Dept:
    1070 Shoreline Drive
    Gulf Breeze, Florida 

    Office: 850-934-5108
    Emergency: 850-934-5110

    City of Gulf Breeze Parks & Recreation Dept:
    800 Shoreline Drive
    Gulf Breeze, Florida

    City of Gulf Breeze Police Dept:
    311 Fairpoint Drive
    Gulf Breeze, Florida
    General Information/Records & Administration: 850-934-5121
    Investigations: 850-934-5122
    Dispatch: 850-934-4050
    Elementary School Resource Officer/DARE: 850-934-5185
    Middle School Resource Officer/GREAT: 850-934-4080
    High School Resource Officer: 850-916-4127

    City of Gulf Breeze Public Services Dept:
    1070 Shoreline Drive
    Gulf Breeze, Florida
    Office: 850-934-5108
    Street Lighting: 850-934-5115
    Waste Transfer Station: 850-934-5146

    City of Gulf Breeze Utility Services:
    1070 Shoreline Drive
    Gulf Breeze, Florida
    24 Hour Bill Payment: 855-246-7331
    Utility Billing Inquires: 850-934-5110